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Worried about losing your valuable information?


Now that the world has gone digital, people are now digitally backing up family photos, video and important business documents on their computers. If there is a virus attack, a hardware failure, a fire or computer theft, what happens in the worst case? It means that you have lost your data.


Backing up your data is important because when disaster strikes you will have your company records, or your family pictures safely tucked away on an external storage medium. These are useful because as the name suggests your data is not inside the computer, it is stored in an external, preferably off-site location.


This can make things less stressful when you need your PC repaired as you still have all your files - documents, photos, emails and contacts ready to be loaded back on to your PC.


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The EnZed Backup Solution

Data only backup for home users:

(+ GST)
Data Backup Software – RoboCopy
Kingston 8 GB USB Flash Drive or USB Powered Portable Drive.
Installation of Robocopy and training on how to use it

We back up all of your data including email messages, contacts, favourites, photos, music & videos to a new storage device. The storage size of this backup device depends on the amount of data you have now, plus an allocation for the future.
If you currently have an external hard drive or USB device, we can install this backup solution for you.

Full system and data backup for small businesses:

(+ GST)
System and data backup software – Norton Ghost
A USB Portable Drive powered by USB
Installation of Norton Ghost and training on how to use it

We take a complete image of your computer’s operating system, programmes and data so we can rebuild your system in the event of a future hard drive crash. You may want to have an off-site backup to protect you from fire and theft: if so you may require two drives.


Remote data backup for small businesses

Your data is backed up to a secure remote server in Ireland providing protection in case your on-site backups are lost due to fire or theft. Prices start from $6.80 + GST per month for a desktop backup of up to 2GB of date. Installation is free.


What do I do to get this solution?

Bring your computer in to the TechShed. Once we have installed and configured your backup, we will call you to pick up your computer and train you to ensure a successful backup. If an onsite visit is required, this will be charged at our Onsite Service rate of $95+GST per hour.




Flash drives

Flash Drives

WD 1TB-USB-2.0-Firewire-eSata-External-Hard-Drive

External hard disk

Award-winning remote online backup solution for your business.