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Worried about security on the Internet?


The internet can be a dangerous place. Clicking an untrustworthy web-link or email attachment can create security breaches, causing chaos for the unsuspecting computer user and opening doors into your computer for malicious programs. Email and Facebook accounts can be hacked and used to send spam to the addresses in your contacts folders, and it will look like it came from you! Won't you be popular?

Malware can be inadvertently downloaded from unsafe websites, and this can make your PC inoperable.


As an all purpose anti-malware solution, we support Trend Micro, which is consistently rated as the international no 1 in Internet Security Product.


Call Jill now on 379 6193 and ask about the "EnZed Internet Security Solution Offer"

EnZed Internet Security Solutions

Bring your computer into the TechShed at 65A Connollys Line, Carterton. Once we have installed and configured your security solution, we will call you to pick up your computer and train you to ensure you understand how Trend Micro protects you.
Note: If we find that your PC is virus-ridden then we will put it through the EnZed PC Services Check.

The following Trend Micro features allow you to surf the web with confidence:


The following Trend Micro features protect your children from inappropriate content online:


Trend Micro safeguards your computer and personal information against the latest threats:


Home Office User Solution:

(Incl GST)
Trend Micro Internet Security 2010 (will protect up to 3 PCs per household)
Installation of Trend Micro and training on how to use it
OR: free installation if combined with the EnZed PC Service Check

Internet Security for Small Businesses with Networks:


This product is designed for small business customers who have a domain based network.

(Incl GST)
Trend Micro Worry-free Business Security – ask for a quote for your network (this is the price on a volume license)
$39.95 per seat

Note: Users are responsible for routine scanning and updates. Users must be wary of internet scams and must not click on links in emails from people they do not know or links found on unknown websites.




Trend Micro

Trend Micro internet security